British men and black women dating

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Yet Britain as a whole remains very white indeed; there is nothing "multicultural" about it.At the census in 1991, ethnic minorities came to about 5.5 per cent of the population: that is, just over three million in a total population of almost 55 million. As a result, London-based commentators may fail to realise that the largest minority group in the country is one of the quietest - the 840,000 people whose families came from India, either directly or via Africa.Divorce remains uncommon, in contrast to the trend among the white majority, the census found.Though it isn't forbidden in Islamic, Hindu or Sikh culture, it is strongly discouraged.Because of the taboo on research, no one knows how frequent this is in Britain.One possible historical explanation seems to have slipped through the net. Everyone acknowledges that, on the one hand, jazz and, on the other hand, voodoo, have West African origins. Intriguingly, the census shows that all the black minority groups - African as well as West Indian - have sharply higher figures for lone parenthood.It is now important to find a bride who can bring earning power with her, not just a cash lump-sum.

About 45 per cent of all people from ethnic minority groups live in London, and one Londoner in five belongs to an ethnic minority.There are the scars of colonialism and slavery; and currently the higher levels of unemployment and lower levels of education among black men.In the Caribbean, couples may traditionally live together in a common-law marriage, or they may have a "visiting union" - a regular sexual partnership, but without living together.Walk along the Old Kent Road, in south-east London, and you see African evangelical churches all around you.In the local borough, Southwark, Africans now outnumber West Indians. Once upon a time, the supposed experts thought that the best thing was to encourage new arrivals to spread out across Britain. All the ethnic minorities are concentrated in towns and cities. After London, the biggest area of settlement is the West Midlands.

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