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It has roaming child accounts, meaning that just signing in on a new PC or device automatically applies all of the previously-established parental controls. There is a consolidated transaction history that is viewable only by adults.You can easily add and remove family members, from a PC or device, or the web.Since you’re signed in with the same (parental) Microsoft account in both places, you’ll see the same information, and if you add or change a child or adult user on the web, you’ll see the changes appears in Windows almost immediately (and vice versa).The controversial change here is that child accounts can only be Microsoft accounts: you can no longer configure a local account for a child (at least not one that is managed by Microsoft Family).

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They would configure local accounts for their kids because they didn’t want them using email, for example.

When you add a person to the family, an invitation is sent to that person’s email account, and they must accept it to join.

(They can also leave the family, if they wish, from the web site.) After they’ve accepted your offer, they can sign-in to any PC on which you’ve signed in with your Microsoft account unless you block that access.

These settings include such things enabling activity reporting on Windows PCs (and Windows 10 Mobile phones), web site blocking, app and game blocking, and screen time.

In other words, the same basic functionality that was available before.

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