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So please know that there is at least one person, and likely many others, who are pulling for you.

This is not just because you posted your message, but because your message touched me, and, I hope, others.

I had to break a massage appointment and my therapist offered to help me. I had a couple of calls from my so called friends, but no offers to help or a visit.

I mean sincere offers to help - getting to the doctor, going to the store, etc. You may be surprised at who does reach out to you, like my friend from work.

You have chosen to live without friends OP, you will probably die as you have lived, alone. Had social services help me clean out my kitchen and get rid of ALL the food and restock.

No one should be facing what you are going through all alone.I know the term "social worker" may conjure up negative images for some, but some very close friends of mine from grad school are licensed social workers and, when they work at hospitals, it is precisely to help clients/patients figure out how to set up support systems, even if those systems are professional workers rather than friends and family.I'd see if I could talk to someone at the hospital about the situation, rather than your doctor, who is likely, no fault to him or her, to be clueless in this regard.Maybe the OP is posting here precisely because he or she can't think of anywhere else to turn? I would have rather truly had no one to even call after that.I called my boss, who let people know at work what happened, and one person called and offered to help me.

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