Most intimidating college football stadiums espn shia labeouf dating sarah roemer

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Colorado Springs, Colo.; 41,000 Like the other schools in the Rockies, a game at Air Force comes with an enjoyable mountain view and a colorful atmosphere.

The location of the stadium can't match Annapolis or West Point, but combine the distinctive stadium design with the presence of the academy, and it's a bucket list venue.

Kyle Field is currently the largest stadium in the SEC with a seating capacity of 102,733.

And, thanks to their 12th man student section, it is also one of the most intimidating places to play in college football.

most intimidating college football stadiums espn-86

It's not huge, but it has grown into a solid home-field advantage.They've almost all been substantially renovated and expanded, but a lot of the original character remains.Every stadium provides a different experience, and few look alike. I ranked the top 50 major college football stadiums, based on highly subjective criteria.Known for its "White Out" themed games, the Penn State Zombie Nation wear white clothes to make it look like a blizzard is about to blow over.It has a capacity of 107,282 and is the second largest stadium in the country.

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