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Skeletal muscle contracts rapidly but has a limited range of extension.It is found in the movement of appendages and jaws.Human anatomy is one of the basic essential sciences of medicine.The discipline of anatomy is divided into macroscopic and microscopic anatomy.It contracts slowly but maintains contractibility over a wide range of stretch lengths.It is found in such organs as sea anemone tentacles and the body wall of sea cucumbers.Methods have also improved dramatically, advancing from the examination of animals by dissection of carcasses and cadavers (corpses) to 20th century medical imaging techniques including X-ray, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging.

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Anatomy is inherently tied to embryology, comparative anatomy, evolutionary biology, and phylogeny, as these are the processes by which anatomy is generated over immediate (embryology) and long (evolution) timescales.They have a cloaca into which the urinary and genital passages open, but not a swim bladder.Cartilaginous fish produce a small number of large, yolky eggs.They mostly have four limbs but some aquatic mammals have no limbs or limbs modified into fins and the forelimbs of bats are modified into wings.The legs of most mammals are situated below the trunk, which is held well clear of the ground.

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