Seohyun and lee won geun dating sites

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And how come handsome MY is overshadowed by the more complex role of SH?

the writer has no respect for viewers...worst final drama ever.....writer should find a nice girl for sohuyk and lets my and yj will be toghather in the end ..hyuk shoud accepts yoo jung doesnt love him and lets she will be happy with somone she loves...jung and moo yeol love is beautiful and pure and strong...unbelievable an irrational when yoo jung and moo yeol smiles eachother friendly in the end so ridiculously...maybe they stay away eachother for others sake but they cant forget their love ridiculous...hoon'act is weak in this drama ...maybe he didn't have much exprience ..their parents parts are long and boring....anyweys its can be a beautiful drama but the writer destroyed this drama with bad final I don't like the ending of this drama. Kang seo hyuk is constantly wanted to destroy the farm, with lots of despicable tricks. Choi Yoon Young, I love You and miss your acting so much.Good Friends Kim Ji Hoon and Park Shin Hye Attend G I Joe Movie Baek Sung Hyun is Park Shin Hye s first love on TV that is The two were paired together in Stairway To Heaven wherein they played the younger versions .Lee Min ho Suzy Bae Split Park Shin Hye s Ex Moving To Japan For It s so cute to see them like that It s great that the two have such good relationship Shin Hye unnie and Geun Suk oppa I love you and so on .Il s'est affirmé flatté de cette comparaison, appréciant l'apparence, le sourire et la voix de ce dernier. C'est fou comment il fait penser à Onew (visage, sourire et même sa voix o_o), pas étonnant qu'on les prends pour des frères x D.Ces deux "jumeaux" sont des cousins dans le dramas Pure Love. Sinon, je l'ai bien aimé dans GHOST, même si on le voit pas non plus énormément je l'ai trouvé super surtout J'ai jamais vu un sourire aussi brillant! J'ai trouvé qu'il avait très bien joué dans Wild Chive Soybean Paste Soup et pour le coup j'ai vraiment hâte de le voir dans d'autres rôles!

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