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Dr Davide Crivelli from Cardiff University, who helped create the device, said: 'The idea has got huge potential to change the way we diagnose osteoarthritis (OA).'If we're able to link the sound signature of a healthy knee and a knee with disease, we will be able to lower the costs on society a lot.'An estimated 8.75 million people in the UK have osteoarthritis, and an additional 27 million in the US.Dr Crivelli said he hoped the patches could be made for around 10p (12 cents) each and used in a GP surgery or even be developed to use on a smartphone app.Shelves were emptied in hours at the store where essentials are sold at very low cost because they are classed as 'damaged' or nearing their best before date.Six months later they are now preparing to open a second branch in Ramsgate and have launched a website to make the food bargains available nationwide.With most products costing between 10p and 70p - the shop beats prices at popular discount stores by up to 90p.The project was launched by entrepreneur Nathaniel Richards, 26, who was inspired by his own experiences using food banks.The patches are made from acoustic emission sensors which are usually found on plane wings to pick up damage in the structures.Professor Cathy Holt, director of the university's musculoskeletal biomechanics, said: 'The key thing is most people, once they have got joint pain, it's too late - they have got the disease already.

Now his products can be ordered online and received via next-day delivery for £6 - meaning those on tight budgets can take advantage of his special offers.

The website - which is being set up permanently, rather than on trial - will see'There is definitely a need for support for families across the country.'The idea is that the families who are struggling to get by get support and the supermarkets don't throw stuff away.'His innovative project has already saved 100 tonnes of edible food from being tossed in the bin.

Currently offering a variety of supermarket items, the waste campaigner is now in talks with a top vegetable grower to start sourcing 'wonky veg' for his shops.

A 10p (12 cents) patch made from aircraft wings has been hailed the 'holy grail' in tackling arthritis.

The revolutionary 'smart patch' could save sufferers years of pain by detecting the disease early.

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