The prevalence of sexual addiction symptoms on the college campus

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Most if not all colleges and universities will also have a student help line that answers questions and provides advice for those dealing with addiction, and many colleges will have a counseling and psychological services department or division to help students who are concerned about addictions or abuse.

There are also more specific resources, depending upon the situation.

Here are a few options at various colleges and universities across the nation. Some might find an escape of sorts in drugs and alcohol, while others might turn to gambling, food or even the internet.

College students are especially prone to falling victim to numerous abusive and addictive behaviors, and at the top of that danger list are drugs and alcohol.

The American Psychiatric Association has identified a list of eleven criteria, and the number of criteria points that apply to a person determines the level of their Substance Abuse Disorder.

Take a look at the chart below to learn about the different levels.

There are different levels of severity to consider, and these levels are classified as Substance Use Disorders.Are they forgetting things and doing things they later regret?Do they find themselves spending too much money partying?The resources below can help you learn more about addiction and substance abuse as well as find treatment and help.Each college or university will likely have a student health clinic to provide an initial consultation for addiction, as well as the ability to refer the student to appropriate help.

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