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However, some of those items are no longer available unfortunately.

O bag is a customisable Italian handbag and shoulder bag collection.

O bags are beautifully simple, stylish and practical.

Made of EVA polymer, they are soft, warm, tactile, waterproof, lightweight and resilient.

O clock watch straps are made from soft hypo-allergenic stretch-silicone and are lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.

They can be worn loose like a bracelet or with a tighter fit.

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Our second major fashion accessory range is the O bag collection; Italian handbags and shoulder bags available in numerous colours and with a wide selection of handles and accessories.

This table offers an approximate conversion of the size you find on the label of each item into the different Country sizing standards.

If you require more information or assistance in choosing the right size for you, feel free to contact our Customer Care.

O bags are available in our online store in numerous colours and with various interchangeable handle choices in high-quality leather, faux leather and rope.

You can create your own bespoke O bag Italian handbag with a wide range of accessories; inner zip-up bags for added functionality, privacy and security; then add a finishing touch with trims in faux fur, wool or cotton.

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